Introducing Swoops GM

It is now proven…

KD to the Warriors smashes Kyrie on the Lakers; sorry, King James.
Dame to the Heat wipes the floor with Beal to the Sixers; it actually wasn’t close.
Gobert and the T’wolves still can’t beat today’s Celts squad; Ainge won that trade, y’all.

How do we know?

We’re building the most technologically advanced basketball simulator in the world. It’s called Swoops GM, and it’s your (daily) chance to test your skills as an NBA general manager.

Here’s how it works: each morning, we’ll unveil a challenge team. That team could be a squad made up of the starting five of a current NBA team or a mashup of players we’ve been dying to see on the floor together. And here’s where the fun begins: it’s your job to build a team that defeats that starting five.

Think Wordle for NBA geeks (like us). It’s that quick and easy.


  1. CHALLENGE TEAM UNVEILED: Each morning at 12 am PT, we’ll unveil the day’s Team to Beat.
  2. BUILD YOUR TEAM: You build a team within a salary cap that could beat that group.
  3. RESULTS RELEASED: Every day at Swoops o’clock (5:30 pm PT), results are sent to our users.
Your chance to test your skills as an NBA general manager.

There’s cash too! Not only will you be able to easily share your results on Twitter and Instagram for that oh-so-coveted social currency, but if your team wins by the highest margin of victory that day, we’ll send you real currency. Yes, cold hard cash. Wordle’s not paying you, are they?! We didn’t think so.

Here’s the prizing breakdown for the first 30 days (note that any ties will split the winnings):

  • SUNDAY-FRIDAY: $50/day to the winner with the biggest point differential.
  • SATURDAY: $100 to the winner with the biggest point differential.
    o $1,000 to the user with the most wins in the first 30 days.
    o $500 to the user with the second most wins in the first 30 days.
    o $250 to the user with the third most wins in the first 30 days.
The more you win in GM, the fatter your wallet gets.

And this is just the beginning of the Swoops universe construction. Our GM tool is simply an appetizer preparing you for the main course. In Q4 2022, we’ll be releasing Swoops proper — an NFT basketball simulation game where users can own, draft, train, and stake their virtual players to be used in cash prize contests. The better you become at building lineups using our GM tool today, the more likely you are to win cash playing Swoops down the road. More money!

Own, draft, train and stake your team's virtual players. 

We’re transforming the way people play basketball games from the typical passive fan experience to an engaged experience highlighted by full team and player ownership. You’re the owner, general manager, coach, and player — with real money on the line. Never before has there been a basketball video game this immersive.

The Swoops mission is simple: to create a virtual basketball utopia built and owned by our fans. Until then, get a leg up on the competition by sharpening your team and lineup building skills using Swoops GM and make a little scratch while you do it.

Talk soon…

- Team Swoops

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