Swoops v0.2.0 Release Notes

What’s new

More data

Swoops is a data puzzle game at its heart. We want to give our users more data to work with so that they can make the best decision when creating a lineup, purchasing a player, or selling a player. Our state of the art proprietary basketball simulator produces a mountain of data that we'll slowly expose over time, starting with players.

Old locker room
New locker room
Old completed game page
New completed game page

UI + UX improvements

We also want to make it easier to analyze a player or team holistically. Previously, different pieces of a player were on different pages. We're unifying this data to sit on the same page. We've also made it easier to filter players when creating a lineup. On the player page, we now show your player's stats below their skills. The perfect visual to screen grab and share your player's stat line via social.

Breakout view of a player. Old on the left, new on the right.
On the player page, we now show your player's stats below their skills.
You can now activate filters by clicking on the placeholder images up top. To ease confusion, all filters are now single select.
We've spruced up the email you receive after a game has completed.

What's next

A leaderboard! A place where you can see how you stack up against others. This will lay the groundwork to run a league wide tournament, which we'll share more about shortly...


  • Remove BOX SCORE and PLAY-BY-PLAY from pregame "Waiting for opponent" or "Starting soon" pages
  • Kill "pending" tab in court view
  • Timeout warning says 90 seconds even though the user has 3 minutes
  • Unable to exit a game (bug)
  • Add opensea button to player detail page
  • Remove "game started" email
  • Implement sendgrid template using Luda's design for the completed game email
  • Design "completed game" email
  • Only require login for game entry page. Every other page should be allowed view as unauth’d user
  • Adjust permissions for endpoints so that authenticated or unauthenticated users can call them
  • Swap "my games" and "all games" in court page
  • Make presentation of completed games consistent in tabular view
  • Show additional player data in the breakout view of a player
  • Locker room - additional fields on a player
  • Lineup creator - show additional player data
  • Additional player data on the player detail page
  • Lineup creator improvements
  • Completed game page - box score adjustments.
  • hotfix for stats job
  • Confirm additional data is being computed correctly
  • On completed game page, linkify the team names
  • Design improvements for Lineup selection
  • Create a validation to not allow the same owned player to play opposing lineup team.

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