Swoops v0.5

What's new

After seeing over 65,000 games simulated, and taking in feedback from a variety of stakeholders, we are officially making our first upgrade to the simulator. A couple points:

  • We don't take these kinds of changes lightly. We understand that this can have an impact on player performance and, thus, the value of those players. We release them after a significant amount of internal discussion and testing.
  • Changes will be pretty small in impact. By doing so, we are not really changing how your players and their value are perceived, but rather matching that perception to reality.

We also continue to refine how and when we create prize pooled games. Let's dive in...


A player that is surrounded by high-assist players will see an increase in their shot efficiency.


A team with a lot of high-steal players will cause the opponent to commit more turnovers and have a lower shot percentage.


Similar to steals, a team with a lot of high-block players will cause the opponent to commit more turnovers and have a lower shot percentage.


Players with high physicality ratings will get boosts to their rebounding and interior shooting abilities. They will collect more shooting fouls and be responsible for more offensive and defensive team fouls.


Players with high hustle ratings will help their teams commit fewer turnovers, more steals, and more rebounds. They will also improve their teams' overall defense.

Basketball IQ

Players with a high basketball IQ will help their teams commit fewer turnovers and create more steals. They will be better passers and set their teammates up for higher efficiency shots. They will help their teams play better defense.

End of game

If a team gets the ball with less than three seconds in the game and is down by three or fewer, they are guaranteed to take a three, and it must be assisted if made.

Prize pools

After individual user interviews and group feedback, we've made some tweaks to prized games. To make them more accessible to users, we are experimenting with more higher frequency, lower amount prized games.

What’s next

Our next release will be one of our biggest: it will introduce the game watching experience. Get ready for a different level of fun and engagement with Swoops!

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