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At Swoops, we're redefining what it means to be a fan. Outside of delivering the deepest ownership experience in sports, we're also democratizing the viewing experience by giving every fan a courtside seat to a game. Introducing, the SwoopCast...

Warning: this might actually happen to you.

Get ready for the most immersive, interactive, and engaging fantasy basketball experience yet. Powered by our proprietary simulator, our SwoopCast delivers a powerful watching experience by replaying all the events in a game, including a live updating play-by-play game log alongside a dynamically updating boxscore. Tune in to cheer your team and jeer your opponent while they face off. Pressed for time or want to just want to catch the end? Adjust the replay speed and skip to the 4th to see how your team closed out the game.


Swoops is a game and a league. And like any league, it's important to invest in building a sizable viewing audience around its teams and their players. SwoopCast is our first investment in that direction and built to facilitate the production media and dialogue that surround our sport. We're envisioning SwoopCasts to enable Twitch streamers to live commentate over a game, data sleuths to break down analytics over a podcast, and sports casters to recap the day's games on YouTube.

Catch a demo here, where the Boston Blockchains faced off against the Mechanical Bulls. Watch more over at our Twitch channel.


To build suspense for SwoopCasts, we now by default hide the outcome of a game from you if you played in it. Watching the SwoopCast of the game or clicking "Reveal" will reveal that game's score and outcome.

We realize some folks want to see their results immediately. For them, we've created a toggle that when set to true, will reveal all scores and outcomes by default.

This is in your locker room and Court->Completed Games sections.

Multitab session

Due to some hiccups with the software we use to access crypto wallets, we could only maintain a logged-in session one tab at a time. We've now resolved this and work like any other website where if you click on a link that opens a new tab, you'll remain logged in.

This makes it easier to join multiple games from the Court. This makes it easier to drill down on players after a game has completed without losing context.


  • We’re now refreshing the game page periodically.
  • Actions are like opening or joining a game are now automatically opened in a new tab.
  • Changed add players button on mobile to be on the navbar, decluttering the screen.
  • Crunched up player box score for mobile in Head to Head completed page. Arrow now forms a part of the collapsible area for a player (is more easily clickable) and there’s less dead space.
  • Removed “More filters” separate toggle for mobile players and added it inline as “Filters”.
  • Added a separate tab for Team stats in Head to Head contests, which is also compatible with the new watchability feature.
  • Added a placeholder for player detail image when loading.
  • On the player leaderboard, we've added a filter to exclude unplayed players.
  • We show a player's record and their team on a player detail page.
  • If a second user joins a 1/2 game, they now see the first user's lineup after they join.
  • Removed “No games played yet” notice when loading completed games in mobile.

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