Swoops v0.7

What's new

v0.7 contains a slew of bug fixes and improvements, mostly driven from community feedback. It also lays the groundwork for our upcoming work around tournaments.


We've removed the visual attributes from being display on a player's page on OpenSea. We did this because it was cluttering up the section and distracting users from the performance based skills. We're not a collectible project, so why present ourselves like one?

We also made the numerical attributes more readable.

Easier to read traits, rounded numbers in the 'boosts' section.

Default team names

If you create an account, we'll automatically assign you a team name that is the word 'team' and the last four digits of your wallet address. This makes it easier to read certain pages like the play-by-play log and the leaderboard. And don't worry, you can still set your team name anytime you want to!


  • User endpoint was leaking emails - patched
  • Clicking a teamname or logo on the game page will take you that team's locker room
  • Give user's with no team name a default name
  • Add unplayed filter to the leaderboard
  • Kill visual attributes from showing on opensea
  • Kill custom resolutions for player images after switch to imgix. For player rename, don't produce custom resolutions
  • Round the numbers we show on OpenSea, under the boosts section
  • Player leaderboard rendering on wide screen - fixed
  • If I go to my locker room and hit refresh, app crashes - fixed
  • Highlight Default Active Filter on PLAYER LEADERBOARD
  • Highlight Default Active Filter on TEAM LEADERBOARD

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