Swoops 101 | Understanding Your Locker Room


In Swoops, starting a successful franchise extends beyond acquiring a collection of talented players. A key component of operating a team is managing the locker room. The Locker Room is the home of your players. It is a sacred space that allows teams to foster community, strengthen culture, and build franchise history.

Team Details

In the Locker Room, you can view the players on your roster, their season stats, and their game-by-game breakdowns. You may gain insight into how certain attributes function, which players’ play styles complement each other’s, and what skills you need more of on your team. Depending on your analysis, you may choose to adjust your roster.

Team Naming

The Swoops universe is a blank canvas for you to customize and build on, starting with your very own franchise. Before you step on the court, your team deserves a name and logo.

As we take over the virtual basketball universe together, teams and individual players will no doubt start to garner attention from potential sponsors. Keep that in mind as you create your team’s identity.

Player Profile

Clicking into a specific player from the Locker Room directs you to its profile view. You can review details, such as name, age, position, prospect rating, and skill ratings, among game statistics. Additionally, it is here that you’ll be able to assign your player a name of your choosing.

Player Naming

Each Swoopster is assigned a default identifier at ‘birth’ in the following naming convention: Swoopster#0001. As its owner, you have the right to rename your player. It is a single-instance, irreversible action, meaning that once completed, the name will stay with the player even through transferred ownership.

The selected name of your player must be unique, appropriate, and between 4 and 30 characters long. It also cannot contain any special characters. Please note that player names are subject to Swoops approval.

Keep in mind that the stronger your players’ lore and the more buzz you build around those players, the more likely they are to increase in value on the secondary market, so choose your names and tell those stories wisely.

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