Introducing Free-to-Play Mode

What's new

Today, we take our biggest step towards becoming a modern, digital, and accessible sports league to the entire world:  free-to-play mode.

What is Swoops?

What would a sport look like if it were built from scratch today? It would be:

  • Global: players/teams span not just countries but continents
  • Digital: interactive and visual, tailored for the digital native generation
  • 24/7/365: always on, short-form, and not handcuffed by injuries, offseasons, and labor disputes
  • Accessible: possible for everyone to watch and own a piece of the sport

Swoops is that new age digital sport, providing the deepest and most accessible experience for players, teams, and fans alike - starting with virtual basketball.

Our virtual basketball players—defined by our own in-house IP—are released into the world to thousands of users who collect them, assemble teams, and compete against each other for cash prizes through a simulation based game.

Over 600 teams play on Swoops


Up until now, we've intentionally gated access to users who own atleast one player. We iterated methodologically with a core set of users to deliver a magical and fun experience. With over 300k games played, $700k in player sales, and an average site time of more than an hour, we've hit that goal in spades.

Now, we turn focus to welcoming the next 10000 franchise owners into Swoops. We realize an upfront financial commitment is a tall ask for some, which is why we're introducing our free-to-play mode.

From now on, every user that joins Swoops is automatically granted an off-chain player. This player can be used in all contest modes including head-to-head games and tournaments. Additionally, that user can transform that off-chain player to an on-chain one by getting to 1000 Swooper Points (our version of XP) enabling that user to sell it, if they wish.

We've seen time and time again that when someone gets a taste of Swoops, they're hooked. We're excited to make it accessible to the wider world.

See you on the court.

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