This upgrade focuses on defense, adding layers of complexity and strategy,
while increasing the impact of defense. After all, they say "defense wins

Historically in Swoops, defense was really a team game. Individual Interior and
Perimeter Defensive Ratings were averaged together to give every player an
aggregate defensive rating, and every team/lineup had an aggregate
score based on the sum of those five players. This aggregate rating impacted the type of shot taken (better defenses forced more mid-range shots, for example) as well as the efficiency of those shots.

This upgrade will have two key components to further flesh out defense in Swoops:

1. Individual + Team

As a game of strategy, we are adding "matchups" to the equation. Individual players and where you play them will begin to matter.

Once a shot is determined by the simulator (who is taking the shot and from where), the "defensive counterpart" will now be 40% individual/60% team. Now, an individual defender will have bigger impact, whether that is a positive impact from skilled defender, or negative impact from a weak defender.

For example, let's take our team with the following aggregate defensive ratings:

PG: 50
SG: 60
SF: 70
PF: 80
C: 90
Team Avg: 70

In the old system, no matter who took the shot, a "defensive counterpart" of
70 would be applied. In the new system, it can differ.

If an opposing PG takes a shot: 40% (50) + 60% (70) = 62.

If an opposing C takes a shot: : 40% (90) + 60% (70) = 78.

With this addition, a team's goal will be to try and get their best defenders on the opponent's best or highest volume shooters.

We understand this is not yet a perfect system given you do not always know where the other team is playing players (or even who you are playing), but some patterns will emerge, and we believe this is a step in the right direction.

2. All Defense Is Not Created Equal  

As mentioned above, historically INT and PER defense didn’t play significant
independent roles, rather they were being averaged out to contribute to a team's overall defensive rating. With this update, INT and PER defense will matter individually and match up with the type of shot being defended.

Interior Defense will impact Interior shots and Mid-range shots and perimeter defense will impact Mid-range shots and 3PT shots.

This change will provide more complexity and strategy in matchups. Going up against a center who likes to bomb threes? Counter this with a Center with solid
Perimeter Defense. Going up against a guard who loves to slash and get to the rim? Put a guard who is a strong interior defender on them to stifle their attempts at getting into the teeth of your defense.

These changes will into effect during Preseason of Season 2, so go get some
practice and see what you can learn!

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