Sneak Peak | Joining a Game

We've talked about the types of games we support (head-to-head & tournament). But how's it feel to join a game? Let's take a look...

We'll break down the financials first: how much you can win, what the entry fees look like, etc. We'll also bring up any past lineups you've had. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a five-player lineup.

You have three places where you can choose a player from:

* Your own owned players

* Renting a player from someone else

* The company free agency pool

What's the free agency pool? It's a set of mid to low level performing players that you can borrow for free. We built this because (1) newcomers can use them to familiarize themselves with Swoops and (2) to be accessible to folks who can't afford five players from the outset.

Clicking on a player takes you to that player's details. Each one has a deep set of attributes (20 at current count). Some are revealed, some not. This is your opportunity to quickly assess a player and decide whether to enter them into your lineup.

At last, review your lineup and finalize your entry.

You're in! If entered without an opponent, the game will start when that user challenges you.

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