Build in Public | Basketball Hoop

As part of our Build in Public initiative, our Creative Director dezigner.eth shared the following post on Twitter:


"Here’s a little sneak peek at the development of our Swoops basketball hoop 🏀When thinking about these massive athletes made from precious metals and alternative fuel cells, the standard basketball hoop would not stand a chance.

Designing a basketball hoop that is reinforced has been a blast. I played around with the proportions of a standard backboard and thought that these players are superior shooters. The backboard in this case is more of a retro style reminiscent of how we know basketball.

If we can imagine every Swoops basketball arena having it’s own set of parameters that intensifies the gameplay, what comes to mind? Maybe a basketball hoop that’s completely made of holographic sensors? Or maybe it’s a hoop that’s constantly moving while the game is in session?"

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