Sneak Peak | Locker Room

For the next few weeks, every Monday and Wednesday, we’re going to share what we’re building and how we’re building it. It’s our opportunity to preview the product and take in your feedback, where we can. Up first, your locker room page! 👇

Players are at the heart of basketball - both in real life and in Swoops. We know how critical the fan-player dynamic is in creating a successful experience. The page above shows all the players you own, their stats, and relevant top line metrics about yourself.

Clicking on a player above will take you to their profile page. Swoops is a basketball *strategy* game and it's important to us that we surface player attributes, statistics, and game logs. We want to give you all the data that you need to make informed decisions before you play.

Did your player shoot lights out in the game they just played? There’s a place to write that down. Discovery is a huge part of Swoops, and we want to make it as easy as possible to stay organized as you learn more about your players.

Any other actions you’d want to take on your player? Anything we should show more to give a full picture of your player. Let us know here!

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