Sneak Peak | Head-to-Head Mode

Last week, we talked about your players. Today, let's talk about one of our two gameplay modes: head-to-head contests.

We created the head-to-head mode because we wanted a testing ground where you can run trials, understand our game simulator, and engage in low stakes contests. Compose your five player lineup, either from players you own (denoted by a badge) or from the company free agency pool.

Before a game starts, you'll see a warm up page that reveals your opponent and their lineup. We think there's more work we can do here to build anticipation and hype - have any ideas?

Once the game is done, you'll see a game box score just like you do in ESPN. Take this time to analyze your players' stats *and* and your opponent's players' stats. What were the key matchups? How did your players do with each other?

Have feedback? Tips to make this more fun and engaging? We would love to hear all of it.

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