Swoops v0.3 Release Notes

What’s new


Ready to get competitive?

Swoops owners can now see how their teams and players stack up against others. We know our owners care about being the best and now they have the data to back up their boasts.

We're also making it easier to scout for Swoopsters. The current process to research and appraise a Swoopster is a disjointed one, requiring owners to go to OpenSea and use its non-native filtering and sorting. The leaderboard is our early attempt to bridge the gap.

We know the performance of this first iteration might be low and we're working to address that in the next release.

Get a complete view of players and teams

Real time stats (beta)

With over 16,000 games played, we have a large amount of data that is growing everyday. Capturing, saving, and aggregating all the data from our advanced basketball simulator is an ongoing process that we tune every week.

With our latest changes, expect to see your teams' and players' data update in real time right after a game has completed.


We heard your feedback and we're on it. First up, a mobile friendly locker room:

With our changes last week to show more data, adding a player to a lineup became harder. We've slimmed down and moved this button to the far left to address that.

Before above, below after

What’s next

We will continue to tune the performance both for the leaderboard as well as others sections of the app.

We're also going to shift to building a league wide tournament. More details on that soon...


  • Improve loading of Team and Player leaderboard using cache
  • Fix bug with game results email URL for button doesn't work
  • On lineup creator page, move 'add' button to the far left
  • Leaderboard
  • Integrate with simulator once new stats calc is done
  • Create new template in sendgrid + wire backend to use new sendgrid template
  • Bug with unnamed team being linkable on completed game page
  • Remove tracking of sentry transactions from simulator

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