Introducing The Swooper Bowl!

Introducing The Swooper Bowl!
The FIRST Swooper Bowl is coming, qualifying starts NOW!. 

To cap off the already successful (thanks to YOU!) SSN0 beta season, we’ll be holding the first inaugural SWOOPER BOWL. A 64-team, single elimination tournament to crown our first EVER championship franchise.

While the process through which we crown a champion in the future may change, SSN0 deserves a final chapter of its own. And what better way to cap off a successful beta season than with a tournament to distinguish between the contenders and pretenders!?

If March Madness and the NBA Playoffs had a baby, it would be the Swooper Bowl. Here’s how it will go down (OWNERS NOTE: please share the below tournament overview graphic on all social media accounts to help spread the word to fellow owners!):

A 64-team tournament to crown our first ever Swoops championship franchise.

STRUCTURE: 64-team tournament

QUALIFYING: Top-64 teams by win total will qualify for the tournament

TIE-BREAKERS: In the case of a tie during qualifying, we will use three tie breakers (in order): 1) Overall win %, 2) Head-to-head record, 3) Head-to-head point totals.

SEEDING: Similar to March Madness, we’ll have four 16-team brackets, each producing a Final Four participant. Seeding will be based on win totals, with the top four teams with the most overall wins getting the number one seeds, so on and so forth.

TIMING: While timing of the event itself is still TBD, qualifying starts NOW and will include all previously recorded win totals. We did it that way to ensure those of you who have been grinding to learn about your teams since launch, were rewarded for that effort. Take a look at the CURRENT top-64 teams below.

Tournament qualification and seeding will be based on total number of wins.

FORMAT BY ROUND: Similar to the NBA Playoffs, winners of each round will be determined by a series of games. The first two rounds being best of three (i.e. first team to two wins, advances), the next three rounds being best of five, and the championship round, as it should be, ending with a seven game series to take home all of the marbles.

PRIZING: And by marbles, we of course mean CASH. That’s right, the winner of the first Swooper Bowl will pocket a cool $1,500! Not only that, EVERY qualifying team will win some level of reward. All prizes will be paid out in ETH.

o   WINNER: $1,500

o   #2 (i.e. second place): $750

o   #3-#4: $425

o   #5-#8: $125

o   #9-#16: $75

o   #17-#32: $30

o   #33-#64: $10

TOURNAMENT LINEUPS: Qualifying team owners will be given a deadline to set their lineup for the tournament (timing TBD). That lineup will be the lineup used for the entirety of the tournament, so do your testing prior to ensure you’re putting your strongest group on the floor. For those owners who miss the deadline, we will automatically formulate a lineup based on a combination of team owned Swoopsters and free agents. Bottom line, you don’t want us setting your lineup.

To get you even more fired up, take a look at the latest team power rankings via our Swoops Radio staff. Could this be an early look at our championship contenders or will a new team come out of nowhere to take home the title? No idea, but what we do know is that this is going to be fun to watch.

The battle for the #1 seeds is going to be tight.

Good luck, owners!! Start racking up those wins now to clinch your spot in the tournament and lock down a high seed.

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