Swoops open source announcement

When we made the difficult decision to shut down Swoops last year, we knew it needed a new home. We just didn’t know where that home would be. We talked to many potential acquirers including members in our community, web3 game studios, and even a Fortune 500 company. We were indexing for teams that had the resources, skills, and drive to continue the Swoops mission. 

After several conversations, we’ve decided to open source a key piece of the Swoops tech stack: the frontend and backend code that power the game. You can find the code in a Github hosted repository here.

This code is the product of tens of thousands of hours of engineering, design, and product. Everything from the pages you interacted with to the backend logic behind head-to-head & tournament modes—it is all there. It does not contain the code for the simulator, which we’re purposely holding back because open sourcing it would destroy the puzzle element in it. But it contains just about everything else to run your very own Swoops league.

In addition to the code, we’re also offering a handful of grants to help interested parties get off the ground. We’ll spell out the details of these grants over the coming weeks.

Our mission at Swoops was to change the future of sports by turning fans into owners. We achieved that, atleast for a moment of time. We hope you can achieve it forever.

The ball is now in your court,

Manish and David

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