Swoops v0.4 Release Notes

What’s new


Swoops is a daily, bite sized game. We want to meet our users where they are: in between meetings, on the train, or heck - even on the toilet. Delivering a mobile experience is a key part to becoming part of those habits.

The court and join game pages are now mobile friendly:

As is the completed game page:


Swoops receives traffic from a variety of sources including from our users, 3rd party tools that sit on top of our API, and from unsanctioned scripts and bots. The latter not only results in unfair gameplay, but also slows down the server for everyone.

Throttling is our first effort towards curtailing these effects so that everyone can have a fast and fair experience. We now limit how often our backend can be accessed per a period of time. We'll continue to monitor and tweak these limits.


L10, Streaks, Team PPG, Opponent PPG are new columns.

We've improved the Team section of the Leaderboard with four new columns: Last 10 record, Win Streak, Points For, and Points Against.

New endpoints

For those creating tools on top of Swoops, we've made it easier to bulk fetch players and teams. Perform a GET request on the below for your data munching needs:

curl http://api.playswoops.com/api/game/player/
curl http://api.playswoops.com/api/game/team/

What’s next

We are heads down building our end of season Tournament, the Swooper Bowl! This will also become our second gameplay mode during Season One. We're also improving the watchability of a game and putting the final touches on the evolution algorithm for Swoopsters.


  • Completed games in the Court and Locker Room are reverse sorted by when they completed
  • The navbar in mobile is fixed
  • Horizontal scrolling on leaderboard fixed
  • A player detail page on mobile now shows the completed games
  • Team logo getting cut off on mobile now fixed
  • New endpoints for retrieving players and teams in volume.
  • Throttling limits set on API
  • Improved performance on 'Team' tab in Leaderboard + show L10, Win Streak, Points For, Points Against
  • On mobile, all players showed as five stars - fixed
  • Mobile friendly: head to head, lobby, game pages, navbar
  • Add prize pool column to games shown in Locker Room and Court
  • Rank sorting on Leaderboard
  • Upgraded wagmi.js
  • In head-to-head lobby, we link to the other team even if they haven't joined yet, causing a broken link - fixed
  • Always shows 'Yesterday' in game detail page - fixed
  • The scrollbar always shows in locker room->games & court->completed - fixed
  • Navigating directly to a tab doesn't update the underline below the active tab heading - fixed

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