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As part of our Build in Public initiative, our Creative Director dezigner.eth shared the following post on Twitter:

"Even in its early days, Swoops still has a deep story with opportunities for divergence in the overall aesthetics. Here is a little bit of my earlier concept art process as the project started to form:


There is so much opportunity to echo our own tradition as humans in an array of influence with our cultures/mythologies and teachings to breath into the Swoops world.  I’m thinking of injecting these elements into our athletes to showcase these differences.

The amazing ornate proportions of that of a samurai helmet. Maybe it’s the lavish gold trim and details like that of an Indian shaman as they are depicted. Or maybe it’s a simplistic rendition of those we once knew who ran the original game as kings in their respective rights.

Our end product at Swoops is created in a 3D space on propose to bring life into the metaverse. We want to accomplish blurring the lines of reality and virtual, all while maintaining a surrealistic appearance. In the Swoops world, nothing is out of reach.

What happens under a basketball arena where the temperature is the similar to the Eastern Antarctic Plateau? Are the athletes made of shaped-molded sheets of ice? What about armor?

Maybe they have flames filling the gaps between the joints and armor to stay from freezing solid while in the middle of a game?

So many questions so many opportunities!!! What are your thoughts? How crazy can situations become where the athlete could look so interesting and unique, where the only limitation is what you can imagine?

Some initial sketches and concepts."

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