If March Madness and the NBA Playoffs had a beautiful baby, it would be the Swooper Bowl. 

The Swooper Bowl is our end of season tournament to crown a champion. One part March Madness (64-teams), one part NBA Playoffs (a mixture of 3, 5, and 7-game series'), the Swooper Bowl is the reason your Swoopsters lift all those weights in the off-season. It's here where you can pit your team against the best in the Swooperverse and see how you stack up.


STRUCTURE: 64-team tournament


  • SEASON LONG SWOOPER POINTS (SP): The 64 qualifying slots will be given to the teams with the most Swooper Points (SP) earned during the regular season. The deadline for qualifying through Swooper Points is August 4th, 8pm EST. Learn more about how SP works here.

TIE-BREAKERS: Any seeding or qualifying ties will be broken via three regular season metrics, used in the following order:

  • Team Win %
  • Head-to-Head Record
  • Head-to-Head Points Scored Totals


  • FOUR REGIONS: Similar to March Madness, the Swooper Bowl will have four sixteen team regions, organized by location, in our case, virtual locations: Venice Breach, Rucker Ark, Pingalle, and DoSdan. Learn more about each location here.
  • SEEDING BASED ON SWOOPER POINTS: Seeding will be determined by the number of Swooper Points each team has earned by the tournament qualification lock date. For instance, the top-four teams in terms of season long Swooper Points will earn the four #1 seeds, while the next four will be slotted into #2 seeds, so on and so forth. Each set of seeds will then be ranked in order based on their Swooper Points, meaning the team with the most overall Swooper Points will earn the #1 overall seed and the right to play the last qualifying team. View Season 0's full bracket here.


  • ROUND OF 64: 3-Game Series
  • ROUND OF 32: 3-Game Series
  • SWOOPS 16: 5-Game Series
  • GREAT 8: 5-Game Series
  • FINAL FOUR: 5-Game Series
  • CHAMPIONSHIP: 7-Game Series

LINEUP LOCK: Once seeding is finalized and the bracket is locked in, teams will have from August 4th at 8pm EST until August 7th at 8pm EST to submit their lineup that will be used for the entirity of the tournament.

PRIZING: $20,000 prize pool divided among the 64 participating teams.

  • CHAMPION: $6,000
  • 2ND PLACE: $3,000
  • 3RD AND 4TH PLACE: $1,400
  • 5TH-8TH: $550
  • 9TH-16TH: $240
  • 17TH-32ND: $80
  • 33RD-64TH: $25


  • 11/3/2023 (8pm EST): Tournament Seeding and Matchups Locked
  • 11/6/2023 (8pm EST): Lineup Submissions Deadline
  • 11/8/2023: Swooper Bowl Day 1, Round of 64
  • 11/9/2023: Swooper Bowl Day 2, Round of 32 + Swoops 16
  • 11/10/2023: Swooper Bowl Day 3, Great 8, Final 4, and the championship

HOW TO WATCH: After the lineup submission deadline has passed, there will be a couple of days before the Swooper Bowl kicks off its three-day, live streamed, mega event, where each game of the tournament is cast on Twitch. Those who tuned in to the inaugural Swooper Bowl saw Star Gods take home the trophy and title of the FIRST Swooper Bowl champion.

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