The best of the best...of the best. 

After weeks of hard fought battles, buzzer beaters, and blowouts, the half-way point of the season is marked by the Swoops All-Star Tournament.


  • An eight-team tournament comprised of 40 All-Star Swoopsters: 16 guards, 16 forwards, and 8 centers.


  • The 40 All-Star Swoopsters are picked out and voted on by the Swoops team and announced during our All-Star stream. No more than one All-Star selection is allowed per team.


  • Eight team owners within the Swoops community will earn the right to be All-Star captains by finishing first or second in four designated in-season All-Star Captain Challenges. In instances where a previously awarded All-Star captain finishes in the top two of an All-Star Captain Challenge, the next highest placed owner will earn the available captain role. The final eight captains will then choose their teams via snake draft. Draft order will be randomized.


  • Rounds one and two will be determined via a 3-game series, while the championship will be decided by a 5-game series.


  • Each All-Star's team owner will earn $75 for their Swoopster making the All-Star game, while the owner's of each All-Star on the winning team receive an additional $100. Finally, the captain of the winning team earns $150.


  • 9/11/2023: All-Star Captain Challenge #1
  • 9/18/2023: All-Star Captain Challenge #2
  • 9/25/2023: All-Star Captain Challenge #3
  • 10/2/2023: All-Star Captain Challenge #4
  • 10/4/2023: All-Stars Announced
  • 10/9/2023: All-Star Draft**
  • 10/10/2023: Rookie Fest Tournament
  • 10/12/2023: All-Star Tournament


*Each challenge will run from 12pm EST to 12pm EST the following day. **All-Star Draft stream timing may change based on owner availability.


Each season the Swoops team will take a look at each and every organization, with the goal of finding Swoopsters whose stellar play, statistics, and on-court success has proven them worthy of being considered for the All-Star Tournament.

That list of Swoopsters will be narrowed down until only sixteen guards, sixteen forwards, and eight centers are left, with no more than one Swoopster per team being eligible to make the final cut.

Those 40 Swoopsters will be announced as All-Stars during a live streamed event, as well as a follow-up article, and each team owner who has a Swoopster selected to the All-Star team will take home a cool $35.

After the All-Stars have been chosen, rather than the Swoops team putting eight teams together, the teams will instead be chosen by eight designated All-Star captains. Captains will be determined based on in-season challenges.

For example, the Metaverse Mustangs won the Pirate's Plunder All-Star Captain Challenge in Season 0 by owning the Swoopster who had the most combined offensive rebounds and steals in a single game during the 24-hour challenge period.

Every owner is eligible to become an All-Star captain regardless of if they have a player selected to the All-Star game or not, all that matters is winning the challenge.

Once the All-Stars and captains have been selected, the eight team captains will participate in a live streamed snake draft where they build out their teams for the tournament from the 40 Swoops All-Stars.

After the teams have been selected, a random drawing will take place to determine seeding, and the following day the Swoops All-Star Tournament takes place on stream. The first and second rounds are best of three, while the championship will be best-of-five.

Once the tournament is finished and a winner is crowned, an additional $100 will be given out to owners of Swoopsters who were on the winning All-Star team, and $100 to the captain of the winning team.

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